Our formula is the perfect combination of art and science! Some clients need only one element while others require all or somewhere in between. Art + Science can accommodate a spectrum of needs.
Everything we do at Art + Science begins with a strategy. It is the launch pad for every project big or small and is the blueprint for all future work. A strategy is developed in collaboration with our client so that it takes into account all learning, insights and expectations from all those involved.
Art + Science design projects are grounded in strategy and flourish under the creative genius of our Creative Department. Our design work is always smart, effective, and truly creative; always breaking the barrier of the expected.
If you need something done, ask a busy agency! Art + Science works quickly and efficiently within your timeline. With strong focus on the trend world, we must work fast and smart as our world changes way too quickly to "do lunch."
Since 2004, Art + Science has been an International driving force with a dedicated team of marketers, strategic planners, and designers ready to bring your brand to the forefront of the merchandise world! We have offices across 4 continents; The Americas, Asia, Australia, and Europe.
Stone Newman (The Brains)
began his career as a yoyo demonstrator at FAO Schwarz and it has been nothing short of a true success story from there. His move to Hasbro Toys in both their Marketing and Licensing divisions served as a perfect foundation to create and build Sababa Toys; a $30MM toy and game company that had global distribution with greater than 5,000 customers and product presence in more than 50,000 retail doors. Now, Stone serves as one of the Licensing Industries top dogs; steeped in a network of respected relationships in the Entertainment, Art, and Technology Licensing businesses as well as the Toy business and key Retail markets.

Pete Rooke (Driving Force)
The platinum hair reflects the years of wisdom and inspiration Peter has brought to marketing campaigns around the World. As a Client at BAT and Gillette, a Consultant at Clarke Hooper, an Owner at The Pea Green Boat and The Yellow Submarine he has led the growth of 100's of brands. Guinness, Mattel, Hasbro, Kraft, Sony, Heinz and even Government Departments are just a few who have valued his creativity. He founded Art + Science in 2004 to help share his experience with other like minded entrepreneurs.

Jill Bazos (Marketing Machine)
began her career at Griffin Bacal, a leading advertising agency in its day, where she worked on the development, implementation and management of marketing and Licensing programs for Playskool, Tonka, Hasbro, Kenner, Milton Bradley, Parker Brothers and Mott’s, to name a few. Jill has done strategic work for such blue chip family oriented companies as Johnson & Johnson, Campbell’s, Entenmann’s, Nestle and Vivitar to name a few. As Brand Architect at Art & Science, Jill utilizes her diverse set of skills in building brands and creating products for many blue chip as well as start up companies.

Karen Clarke (Oracle)
Methodical in approach, quietly powerful in delivery. Karen (Curls) has over 10 years experience in Sales & Marketing across a range of industries including Travel with First Choice, Hotels & Leisure with Marriott, and Publishing with John Wiley. Creative and Meticulous, Karen will explore every opportunity and leave no stone unturned to grow your brand and ensure that your marketing campaign delivers you results. Karen climbs Everest solo every year to keep herself fit for the rigours of this business, daily mountains are never an issue!

Casey Miller (Center of The Universe)
began her career at Barnes & Noble, beginning as a barista in college, and working her way up to Community Relations. Following graduate school, she began working at Madame Alexander, a nearly 100 year old doll company. Heading up the Events and Client Relations division, Casey engaged the public by hosting events for the company and harnessed her love of history by giving public tours of the Heritage Gallery Museum. Through her work at Madame Alexander, Casey met Stone Newman and began working with Art & Science at the end of 2012. Using her strong background in retail management and passion for writing, Casey oversees the licensing coordination, operations and project management at Art & Science.

Bradley Vanstone (Dynamo)
After successfully establishing two business’s of his own by the age of 21, Bradley is a budding entrepreneur in his own right. Graduating from Exeter University in 2013, Bradley joined the Art + Science team in full throttle mode. Original in his ideas, yet pragmatic in his approach Bradley is relentless is in his quest to make your brand a success.

Patty Buckheit (Scribbles)
is an experienced and talented designer whose main focus has been in the Toy and Collectibles businesses. Patty began her career designing packaging and games for Pressman Toy, moved to Sababa Toys where she was not only Senior Graphic Designer but managed all of the factories, timelines, budgets and ship dates. From there, Patty transitioned to Creative Director at Art & Science where she continues to spearhead all levels of product development and design for a wide range of brands and products.

We treat our clients like family; we listen, we collaborate, we share. We play really well together…because life is too short for difficult relationships! Following is a sample of some of our clients:
Whether longstanding clients or fleeting projects, we are very proud of our work and our client roster. As our client needs are diverse, so are our services but all work to build a BRAND. In that way, we consider ourselves brand architects. Here is a sampling of our work. Please contact us if you would like to learn more.
Celessence, a leading UK technology approached Art + Science with the challenge of securing a publishing and distribution deal for their Children’s book line of scented Smelly Books, utilizing their proprietary, industry-leading microencapsulation scent technology. The technology extends well beyond children’s books to all print medium and all textiles, allowing manufacturers the ability to infuse their product with fragrance, freshness and actives delivering benefits. While Celessence had been used in consumer products for nearly two decades, they never “got the credit” for the benefit they were offering. It was time that the world learned the name Celessence and it became a known and respected brand.

Art + Science, with vision far beyond the "printed page" and recognizing that this proprietary feature was being commoditized, proposed a pivot in the company’s business strategy: to change the business as an OEM and supplier of a Chemical Ingredient to a licensed business offering proprietary technology and a brand that would resonate with consumers.

In a period of 3 years, the Celessence brand has been established as a legitimate brand. The brand will generate approximately $35MM at retail in 2013 and is on track to becoming a $100MM brand. A+S has signed over 20 licenses and introduced the technology to numerous categories ranging from Children’s Apparel and Bedding, to Toys, Puzzles, Storage, Automotive, and Luggage, to name a few. It has also aligned with several strategic partners including Febreze and Hello Kitty. Celessence branded product can be found on the shelf at nearly every major North American retailer.

"Art +  Science has changed the landscape of our business. They have enabled us to get our technology recognised as a brand and built it up so that it is known across America in different product categories.  We have an enviable collection of licensee partners all of whom have benefited from adding our technology to their brands and our brand Celessence has finally come out of the closet!  The team at Art + Science are fabulously committed  and driven and have shown a passionate dedication to growing the Celessence brand.  Thank you, Art + Science!" Shibani Mohnindra, Managing Director, Celessence Technologies.

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Puff, the Magic Dragon
Recognizing the value of classic timeless brands, Art + Science approached Peter Yarrow and Lenny Lipton, the writers of the song "Puff the Magic Dragon", about representing Puff for licensing and merchandising.

Having seen the enormous commercial success of the Puff children’s book with CD, with well over a million sales, as well as other “like” properties, Art + Science wanted to represent this classic that has proved itself able to sustain a 50 year, multigenerational, timeless appeal. The Puff brand had never before been promoted with a comprehensive merchandising campaign and while "dragons live forever", brands, if they are not well promoted and given the proper attention, do not.

Yarrow and Lipton agreed that this was the right time to bring Puff back into the American and international zeitgeist. As Peter says, "There was no agency representing properties like Puff that had the taste, the imagination, the focus on quality, and the skills in marketing that could compare with Art + Science. We wanted A+S to work their "magic" for Puff. They had the drive, the respect for us as creators, the creativity and the know-how to bring Puff to the forefront. They are doing it and we are very grateful." Puff lives! And A+S is making this Classic Brand, "brand" New.

Lenny writes, "For years Peter and I considered how to go about extending the story of Puff and Jackie Paper beyond what has become a beloved song. The people themselves, in Japan, Germany, The United States, and countries all over the world adopted Puff without effort on our part. Puff belongs to the people and, in fact, many people think it's a folk song written in ancient days. We've always wanted Puff to continue on in a way that is true to the song but couldn't figure out how to do that until Art and Science stepped in. We're looking forward to future generations enjoying Puff due to their efforts."

10 Licensees on board.   Brand extensions into toys, games, social expressions, digital and even a live show set to debut in 2014.   The brand is now reaching more consumers than ever as parents and grandparents share their love of Puff with his 3rd Generation

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In the Mailbox
Entrepreneurial company Puppy Bunny Pink (PBP) had a special relationship with the United States Postal Service and had come up with a unique idea of “shippable gifts.” It was great for the consumer in the lobby who forgot a special occasion and great for the USPS as it would lead to incremental revenue out of their lobbies. USPS loved it but PBP did not know what “it” was. Fortunately, Art + Science had the answers. A+S created all product concepts, designed everything and, sourced and oversaw production including securing a coveted 3rd party character license on behalf of PBP.

In The Mailbox products are now available in over 10,000 USPS lobbies. Products range from Holiday Themed Plush, Everyday Birthday Plush, Holiday Gifts and an exclusive partnership with The Walt Disney Company in a tribute to the “Art of Disney” stamps with exclusive In the Mail Box plush Mickey, Minnie and Pooh.

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Marvista Entertainment
Marvista Entertainment approached Art + Science with a lofty challenge. The 16Wishes movie was debuting on the Disney Channel with multiple airings in only 8 weeks. They had not signed a licensee, met with a retailer or put together a merchandising strategy but with a hot star, Debbie Ryan, on the rise they knew there was an opportunity. But who could develop something so quickly without missing the opportunity?

Art + Science developed a style guide, met, pitched and signed Licensees, a national Retailer, and national sponsors, all of whom were committed to working on the tight timeline to make this happen.

A national promotion with dedicated end caps in all Borders and Walden Books stores (over 1000 doors) featuring 12 items from 6 different licensees that ranged from Publishing and Jewelry, to T-Shirts, Calendars and Light Up Journals occurred at retail for the movie’s debut. Add on a promotion with Rita’s Ice and a “give back” element via Jac Vanek and this program was a wish that came true for Marvista.

"Art + Science truly embodies the saying 'When you need something done, ask a busy agency.'  In record timing, Art + Science strategized, planned and executed a brilliant, complete and successful program that was beyond our wildest wishes… and without a fairy godmother!" Jodi Jackson, Senior Buyer, Trend Merchandise, Borders.

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Zombie Finger Puppet Theatre
Due to our combined backgrounds in the Toy Industry, Hot Topic has come to Art + Science on a number of projects in various product categories. In early 2012, Hot Topic asked if Art + Science could come up with a unique impulse product to feature at their cash wraps that both capitalized on the zombie craze, and simultaneously utilized an online marketing campaign to drive consumers to the Hot Topic website and stores.

From this request came Zombie Finger Puppet Theatre, a cast of zombie finger puppet thespians, made to be used in videos and then posted to Facebook and YouTube. Art + Science created a contest, in which Hot Topic consumers could post their videos on Facebook and win a prize, based on the most "Likes" and "Shares".

Due to the success of the contest, Hot Topic will be looking to Art + Science for future projects. It looks like the cast of Zombie Finger Puppet Theatre will be
running an encore performance.

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Born out of the growing need for stand-out media options that are affordable and effective, Dr.TV was developed to assist clients in assessing the vast media landscape, recommending the most appropriate media for your brand and helping navigate through it to come up with the most impactful plan that accomplishes your objective.
Dr.TV is an advertising consultancy that provides big agency service and ability in an in-house manner, at very reasonable prices. Dr. TV will work with you to determine what media is appropriate for your business and what is the most efficient way to utilize it. Our unique approach to advertising not only assesses a client's needs but, acts as general contractor to put together just the right team of industry professionals to create your campaign. Dr.TV then manages the process so the client can get the best results for their prescribed course of treatment.

Here are some samples of Dr.TV's clients:

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